WADA publishes membership of Executive Committee and Foundation Board for 2023

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Today, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is pleased to publish the memberships of its Foundation Board (Board) and Executive Committee (ExCo) as of 1 January 2023.

In an effort to strengthen the supervisory function of the Board vis-à-vis the ExCo, and in line with WADA’s governance reforms, it will now be the case that members — with the exception of the President and Vice President — cannot serve on both bodies. This is reflected in the membership we are publishing today.

Changes to 2023 Structure

In 2023, WADA’s Board and ExCo membership numbers will increase. In 2022, the Board, which is the Agency’s highest policy-making body, was composed of 38 members, and the ExCo, 14 members. The ExCo is delegated by the Board to manage the running of the Agency, including the performance of activities and the administration of assets.

In line with WADA’s governance reforms, the ExCo and Board will in 2023 include two and four additional seats respectively. The ExCo’s two additional seats, which are expected to be filled by April 2023, will be occupied by:

  • the WADA Athlete Council (AC) Chair as elected by the AC; and
  • an additional independent member.

The new 16-member composition of the ExCo will therefore be occupied by:

  • five independent members, including the WADA President and Vice-President;
  • five representatives of the Public Authorities (PAs);
  • five representatives of the Olympic Movement (OM); and
  • the WADA AC Chair.

The Board’s four additional seats, which are also expected to be filled by April 2023, will be occupied by:

  • two representatives of athletes, as chosen by and from the WADA AC, including an athlete coming from Paralympic Sport; and
  • two representatives of National Anti-Doping Organizations (NADOs), as chosen by the WADA NADO Expert Advisory Group whose 10 members were recently elected by the NADOs of each of the five continents (two members per continent).

The new 42-member composition of the Board will therefore be as follows:

  • President and Vice-President;
  • 20 representatives of the PAs, including two representatives of the NADO Expert Advisory Group; and
  • 20 representatives of the OM, including four athletes’ representatives nominated by the OM as currently foreseen by the Statutes and a further two representatives of the WADA AC.

When the six new members formally join the two bodies, an announcement will be made.

More information of the changes to 2023 Structure can be found in the Final Report of the Working Group on the Review of WADA Governance Reforms.

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