About ADEL

WADA’s Anti-Doping Education and Learning Platform (ADEL) is the centralized platform offering educational solutions for athletes, coaches, medical professionals, Anti-Doping Organization (ADO) practitioners, researchers, and other members of the clean sport community. It was originally launched in January 2018.

We updated the platform in January 2021 to better suit the needs of our stakeholders. ADEL now has a modernized look and feel with improved visuals to better resonate with athletes and the clean sport community.


Key Features and Functionalities

Created by WADA, ADEL is easy to navigate and provides a personalized experience to different audiences. Features and functionalities include:

  • Role-specific education programs, such as international level athletes, talented athletes, high performance coaches, parents of elite athletes, etc.
  • Centralized Code Implementation Support Program (CISP) Resource Center for all CISP-related resources for ADO practitioners
  • Community learning channels for ADO practitioners to support knowledge sharing, question and answer feature for specific subgroups of users (RADO, GLDF, etc.)
  • Our ADEL by WADA mobile app is available on the Apple Store and Google Play store, enabling users to learn on the go and complete their education offline
  • Gamification to engage learners by offering rewards such as specific badges and points after they successfully complete a course or education program. Learners with the highest points will be placed in the leaderboard of their group.
  • A dedicated ADEL Helpdesk with helpful articles and troubleshooting.

Education Solutions

ADEL hosts educational guides, programs, courses and toolkits targeting different audiences:

  • Guides
    • Athlete Guide to the 2021 Code
    • Athlete Support Personnel’s Guide to the 2021 Code
    • Athlete and Support Personnel’s Guide to the Prohibited List 2022

Courses and Programs

  • ADEL for International/National Level Athletes
  • ADEL for High Performance Coaches
  • ADEL for Parents of Elite Athletes
  • ADEL for Medical Professionals at Major Games and the full-length version ADEL for Medical Professionals
  • ADEL for Talented Athletes
  • ADEL for Registered Testing Pool (RTP) Athletes
  • At-A-Glance series
  • Sport Values in Every Classroom toolkit for teachers

Pre-Games Education

  • ADEL for Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022
  • ADEL for Paralympic Winter Games Beijing 2022


ADO Support and Translation Services

WADA offers anti-doping organizations (ADOs) the opportunity to become ‘power users’ within the ADEL platform. This enables organizations to manage and monitor the education of the users that they are responsible for under the Code and the ISE. For example, participating ADOs can run reports to monitor how many people have completed an education course or can enroll users to specific education courses or programs.

In addition, to help ADOs achieve the education objectives and responsibilities required by the new ISE and make our educational content accessible to the sports community, we offer translation services and support. Our new onboarding and translation process using machine translation and human review has been well received by different NADOs.

For ADOs interested in becoming an ADEL power user or in learning more about the translation services offered by WADA, please visit the ADEL Helpdesk or contact us by email.