NADO Program

The National Anti-Doping Organization (NADO) Program Strategy aims to:

  • Establish and maintain effective relations with NADOs
  • Implement development and capacity building programs for NADOs
  • Support NADO operational independence

NADO Program Objectives

The overall objectives of the NADO program are:

  • Development and Capacity Building: To assist and support NADOs in building capacity towards the implementation of harmonized, coordinated and effective anti-doping programs.
  • Compliance: To support NADOs with compliance to the Code and International Standards and adherence to the requirements of WADA’s Compliance Monitoring Program.
  • Independence: To strengthen NADO independence and governance by providing guidance and tools that are in line with the principles of the Code.
  • Relations and Engagement: To establish and further develop collaborative relations with NADOs and other stakeholders.

Operational Independence of NADOS

WADA has published a Guide for the Operational Independence of National Anti-Doping Organizations (NADOs) that will support NADOs in strengthening and reinforcing their operational independence as required by the World Anti-Doping Code (Code). The Guide outlines the regulatory and practical measures that should be in place to ensure NADOs can comply with the Code.

NADO Development

WADA provides daily assistance to NADOs through all its departments, programs and activity areas. We also facilitate NADO-NADO partnerships. These partnerships include a detailed project plan where a developed, more experienced NADO assists and mentors a less developed NADO through training, guidance and mentorship. Some examples of successful NADO-NADO partnerships in which WADA is/was involved directly are:

  • Azerbaijan – Poland
  • Belarus – United Kingdom
  • Egypt – South Africa
  • Ethiopia – South Africa
  • Georgia – Norway

  • Ghana – Kenya

  • Greece – Austria

  • Jamaica – Canada
  • Kenya – Norway
  • Turkey - Norway
  • Uzbekistan – Korea

This type of collaboration amongst Anti-Doping Organizations is critical to developing clean sport globally. In order to assist ADOs with this collaboration, WADA has developed a Guide for International Cooperation Projects for ADOs, which includes templates for an ADO Partnership Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and a Project Plan.  

NADO Expert Advisory Group

Established in 2015, WADA’s NADO Expert Advisory Group is a designated advisory group of the NADO/RADO Relations Department. The Group’s purpose is to review anti-doping issues impacting NADOs and provide guidance and recommendations to WADA on its overall strategies and activities, to enhance collaboration with and development of NADOs globally.

Code Signatories

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If the competent public authority(ies) do not designate an entity to be their NADO, the country’s National Olympic Committee (NOC) or its designee have that role.