Paralympic Race

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WADA has made ‚Äč‚Äčevery effort to be compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) of the World Wide Web Consortium. Aside from the media content such as videos, the content is fully accessible for users with visual or motor impairments.

This involves screen readers assistance such as:

  • An invisible link on each page that allows users to skip the header and menu pages to go directly to the content of the page.
  • The display of a contour line on the links on mouse-over for those who browse with a keyboard.
  • The use of "WAI-ARIA landmarks" to identify different sections of the page: the (banner) header, menus (navigation), the search box (search), the main content (main), columns of related content (complementary), forms (form) and the footer (contentinfo).
  • The use of WAI-ARIA attributes: roles, states, and properties on the dropdowns (hidden content) and on menus.
  • The ability to use the keyboard (Tab key to navigate and enter to open or activate a link) to navigate the menus.
  • Provide text equivalents for relevant images.
  • Compliance with minimum color contrast text and wallpaper.
  • All pages have a unique H1.
  • No images containing text or content is provided without alternative text.
  • Each form element has its associated label (label).
  • Headers rows and columns of data tables are clearly identified.
  • The site supports browser settings to zoom the text and support users' stylesheets.
  • Navigation and presentation of the site is consistent throughout the site.
  • Both the keyboard and the mouse can be used to navigate.
  • Each page is identified in its language.
  • Even if javascript is used on WADA's website, it is not required for each page's essential functions.

WADA strives to make its website accessible and is continuously working to improve accessibility. If you encounter an accessibility problem when accessing WADA's website, please contact us via the form on the Contact Us page or call us at the following number: +1 514 904 9232.