Management Team

WADA Management Team

  • Olivier Niggli

    Olivier Niggli

    Director General
  • rene bouchard

    René Bouchard

    Senior Director, Stakeholder Engagement and Partnerships
  • Dao_Chung

    Dao Chung

    Chief Financial Officer
  • Francisco_Leon

    Francisco León

    Director, Latin America and Caribbean Office
  • Sébastien Gillot

    Sébastien Gillot

    Director, European Office and Sport Movement Relations
  • Kevin_Haynes

    Kevin Haynes

    Director, Compliance, Rules and Standards
  • Karine Henrie

    Karine Henrie

    Head of Athlete Engagement
  • Amanda_Hudson

    Amanda Hudson

    Director, Education
  • angela_iannantuono

    Angela Iannantuono

    Director, Human Resources and Corporate Services
  • Stuart_Kemp

    Stuart Kemp

    Chief Operating Officer
  • Francisco_Leon

    Francisco León

    Head of Program Development
  • Florence Rangeon

    Florence Lefebvre-Rangeon

    Deputy Chief Operating Officer
  • Catherine Mclean

    Catherine MacLean

    Director, Communications
  • marc-andre matton

    Marc-André Matton

    Chief Technology Officer
  • Tom_May

    Tom May

    Director, NADO/RADO Relations
  • Rafal_Piechota

    Rafal Piechota

    Director, Office of the President
  • Olivier_Rabin

    Olivier Rabin

    Senior Director, Science and Medicine
  • Tim Rickets

    Tim Ricketts

    Director, Testing
  • Julien_Sieveking

    Julien Sieveking

    Director, Legal Affairs
  • Rodney Swigelaar

    Rodney Swigelaar

    Director, Africa Office
  • Alan Vernec

    Alan Vernec

    Chief Medical Officer
  • Ross Wenzel

    Ross Wenzel

    General Counsel
  • Shannan_Withers

    Shannan Withers

    Chief of Staff
  • Yaya Yamamoto

    Mayumi YaYa Yamamoto

    Director, Asia/Oceania Office
  • Günter Younger

    Günter Younger

    Director, Intelligence and Investigations