Athletes & Support Personnel

Athletes are the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA’s) most important stakeholders. Protecting your right to compete in a safe and fair environment is our raison d'être. Having athletes, like you, provide insight and guidance around anti-doping is a top priority.

An athlete is running on the running track.
Aerial view of a hockey player skating on the ice, move the puck with his stick.

As the global regulator for anti-doping in sport, WADA supports your voice and strives to engage with the global athlete community.

Athlete support personnel – coaches, physicians and other medical staff, parents, along with anyone else who helps athletes in their competitive life – play a vital role in ensuring that athletes are fulfilling their responsibility towards clean sport. 

While this section speaks to athletes, the information may also be helpful to all those who seek to support athletes in a healthy and informed manner.

This section is intended to provide a quick reference for key anti-doping questions, and also to point you in the right direction to learn more. You will also find out how you and other athletes can be more involved in supporting and promoting clean sport.

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