Global Learning & Development Framework

One of six priorities under the WADA’s 2020-2024 Strategic Plan is to ‘Grow Impact’. Under this priority, we have committed ‘to developing training programs and qualifications standards for anti-doping professionals to improve professionalism and enhance the capabilities of the anti-doping workforce.’

The Global Learning and Development Framework (GLDF) was created to support this commitment, through specific, standardized training for a range of anti-doping roles to be developed and made available for Anti-Doping Organizations (ADOs) and other stakeholders worldwide within the anti-doping ecosystem.

The GLDF aims to invest in the people working in, or supporting, the anti-doping system by developing and delivering role specific training specially designed to accelerate the development of knowledge and skills needed in the context of their role.

The training will be made available to ADOs and other stakeholders worldwide within the anti-doping ecosystem to support and enhance practitioner capability, for the benefit of clean sport.

During the 2020-2024 period, the GLDF will establish the following for specific practitioner roles:

  • Professional (occupational) standards
  • Competency framework
  • Role descriptors
  • Learning and development activities (professional development)

The GLDF Process

Led by WADA’s Education Department, the GLDF is a collaborative effort between stakeholders and WADA technical teams.

The development work is being conducted by Technical Working Groups that are established by role and include people who are ‘doing the job’ as well as a WADA technical person. The Technical Working Groups are composed of:

  • ADO practitioners acting as subject matter experts in the specific role, with a diverse regional representation
  • An expert from the relevant WADA Department
  • A workforce development specialist (the European Observatory for Sport and Employment – EOSE)
  • WADA GLDF project manager
  • A member of the WADA Education Committee (in some cases)
  • Chair or co-chairs, coming from the anti-doping education sector

These professionals represent:

  • 19 National Anti-Doping Organizations (NADOs)
  • 8 sports organizations (International Federations, Major Event Organizations, National Olympic Committees)
  • International Testing Agency
  • 2 private law firms
  • 5 WADA experts

In addition to creating the outputs listed, the GLDF will identify, train, and deploy WADA Trainers who will facilitate learning and deliver the training programs.

Global Learning and Development Framework - Training for anti-doping practitioners

Professional Standards