Anti-Doping Statistics

WADA publishes statistical reports summarizing the information received from anti-doping organizations (ADOs) and WADA-accredited laboratories. As part of our role in promoting transparency, and in accordance with Article 14.4 (Statistical Reporting) of the World Anti-Doping Code, the following reports are produced periodically.

Laboratory Figures

Anti-Doping Testing Figures Report

The annual Anti-Doping Testing Figures Report provides a summary of all doping control samples analyzed and reported by WADA-accredited laboratories in a given year. This includes the analytical results (Adverse Analytical Findings – AAF - as well as Atypical Findings - ATF) for

  • All testing conducted by Code Signatories
  • Samples collected in-competition and out-of-competition
  • All urine, blood and Athlete Biological Passport (ABP) blood samples

In addition to promoting transparency, the Report offers a comprehensive reflection of global anti-doping testing figures. It enables organizations to observe patterns of doping control programs by sport, organization, substance and laboratory, and to adapt their anti-doping strategies accordingly.

Anti-Doping Rule Violations (ADRVs) Report

The Anti-Doping Rules Violations (ADRVs) Report offers the most comprehensive set of global statistics on doping offences by sport, testing authority and nationality, each year. The Report provides the outcomes of cases reported as AAFs and includes those that resulted in an ADRV (subject to any cases that remain pending). The Report also includes non-analytical ADRVs, which, when combined with the total number of AAFs, provides a more accurate assessment of the total number of doping cases that were adjudicated in a given year