Provide Whereabouts


Some athletes, usually those who are part of a Registered Testing Pool (RTP), are required to provide whereabouts information. This information is used by Anti-Doping Organizations (ADOs) to locate athletes for effective out-of-competition doping control.

RTP athletes are required to provide the following whereabouts information on a quarterly basis:

  • Home address, email address and phone number
  • An address for overnight accommodations
  • Regular activities, such as training, work, and school, the locations and the times of these activities
  • Competition schedules and locations
  • A 60-minute time slot for each day where they’ll be available and accessible for testing and liable for a potential ‘missed test’

Athletes who are asked to provide whereabouts but are not part of an RTP may have different requirements.

RTP athletes may submit their whereabouts information via WADA’s Anti-Doping Management System (ADAMS). The mobile app Athlete Central is available for athletes to submit and update their whereabouts information in a simple, smart and fast manner.

RTP athletes must submit their whereabouts information by a specific data and time for the following quarter. RTP athletes can make changes to their whereabouts via Athlete Central, ADAMS or by SMS.