Science & Medicine

Our responsibilities in the fields of science and medicine include:


Scientific events

WADA organizes scientific meetings and symposia that bring together international scientists and experts in relevant fields of anti-doping science, to keep up with the evolving scientific challenges facing clean sport and to assess new developments in testing and analysis.


Standing Committee, Expert Advisory Groups and Working Groups

We receive expert and technical advice from the Health, Medical and Research Standing Committee and the following Expert Advisory Groups: 

Our Working Groups provide guidance and recommendations on specific areas or topics requiring a particular expertise, including:

  • Contaminants (with WADA’s Legal Department)
  • EPO
  • Endocrine Analytics
  • Steroidal Athlete Biological Passport (ABP)
  • Glucocorticoids Threshold
  • MRPL
  • Steroids in Blood
  • Haematological Passport
  • Scientific Project Review



In addition to contributing to the anti-doping science knowledge base by funding research through our Research Grant Project, WADA’s Science and Medicine Department continues to publish on topics related to the department’s activities.

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