Private Funding

Join us in raising the game for athletes worldwide

For the first time in WADA’s 20+ year history, we are seeking partners to support our collaborative mission for clean sport. Since 1999, we have been funded by the sports movement and governments of the world.

With athletes at the center of our mission, we deliver a wide range of activities, including scientific research, education, development of anti-doping capacities, investigations; and, monitoring the compliance of ADOs with the World Anti-Doping Code – the document harmonizing anti-doping policies in all sports and all countries.

“Sport is uniquely beautiful in its power to unite people no matter their political ideology, religion, nationality, gender, race or age.”

- Witold Bańka

We will need more than our 2022 budget of USD 46 million to meet our ambitions and our stakeholders' expectations of what we must deliver, together. We need considerably more resources and additional supporters to safeguard clean sport in the most innovative, bold and courageous way. Therefore we are asking you to join us in creating a level playing field for athletes worldwide.

By partnering with a limited number of leading organizations on a global scale, we can increase our ability to promote health, equality and fairness and to oversee, implement and harmonize global anti-doping programs worldwide.

We offer three levels of partnership:

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    1. Global partnership opportunities

    The Global Partnership offers the highest level of involvement with WADA, allowing brands and their leadership to be involved in our global initiatives and take ownership of specific programs that are relevant to their organization.

    • Athlete Engagement partner
    • Development / Anti-Doping Solidarity partner
    • Education partner
    • Research and Development partner
    • Technology and Innovation partner
  • paralympic runners

    2. Continental partnership opportunities

    Continental Partnerships will appeal to brands and organizations looking to align themselves with clean sport in a specific continent (Africa, Asia, Central & South America, Europe, North America or Oceania). You can support WADA’s ongoing operations in areas such as travel, airline, logistics, hotel, broadcast, or media.

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    3. National partnership opportunities

    We also welcome partners looking to be associated with clean sport in a specific country. You can support WADA's ongoing operations in areas such as travel, airline, logistics, hotel, broadcast, or media.

In return for financial contributions, partners will receive a schedule of benefits that are aligned with the category. We also welcome the opportunity to explore bespoke partnerships with organizations across a wide range of sectors.

Please contact us to further discuss opportunities.

“Much work has been done and much more is left to do to secure athletes’ confidence and trust in the Global Anti-Doping System.”

- Yang Yang

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René Bouchard
Senior Director, Stakeholder Engagement and Partnerships
+1 514 265.6993