Intelligence & Investigations

While testing remains a key tool to detect doping in sport, other methods have come to the fore, including a better capacity to investigate. In the last six years, WADA has developed its Intelligence and Investigation Department. In simple terms, we have increased our capacity to conduct investigations, collaborate with law enforcement agencies and protect whistleblowers.

The Intelligence and Investigations service operates independently within WADA to ensure confidentiality. We are a team of professionals with extensive experience in data analysis, law enforcement, investigation and sport. We are committed to the highest standards of professionalism and confidentiality, to protect the values of fair play and sportsmanship.

Confidential Information Unit

We understand that coming forward with information or allegations is not a decision that people come to lightly. When you decide to Speak Up, we listen and protect your confidentiality.

Investigation Unit

In 2015, new provisions to the World Anti-Doping Code gave WADA the ability to initiate its own investigations. Both the Pound Independent Commission and the McLaren Independent Investigation are a result of these new powers and have unveiled systemic doping activities. These groundbreaking investigations enabled the sports world to distinguish rumor from fact.

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Compliance Investigation Section

Our Compliance investigators are dedicated to ensuring compliance with the Code and Standards. Intelligence analysts and investigators collect, analyze, organize and report on data from NADOs, RADOs, IFs, Laboratories, Major Event Organizations and other anti-doping partners. This supports our Compliance team’s work and helps identify training needs and corrective measures, where applicable.

The CIS is also involved in drafting and updating WADA's Policies and Procedures related to compliance. 

Annual Audits

On an annual basis, an Independent Supervisor is required to conduct an audit of WADA’s Intelligence and Investigations Department, in keeping with Article 9(a) of WADA’s Intelligence and Investigations Policy.

The audits are intended to ensure that the Intelligence and Investigations Department’s work continuously and rigorously satisfies best practices, follows the applicable laws and regulations, and protects the rights and privacy of individuals.

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