WADA signs global partnership agreement with Sword, a leading technology transformation company


This week, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) signed a five-year partnership agreement with Sword Group, making the technology transformation leader the Agency's first global partner.

As WADA's exclusive global IT partner, Sword will provide direct funding annually, in the form of sponsorship, over a five-year period. In return, WADA will delegate to Sword a portion of its IT activities, including the development of the Agency's Anti-Doping Administration Management System [ADAMS], operations and mobile applications [Athlete Central and Doping Control Officer (DCO) Central].

This additional capacity, experience and expertise will help the Agency deliver value-added IT solutions and services to its stakeholders, including a 25% increase in capacity for ADAMS.

WADA President Witold Bańka said: "This partnership agreement with Sword is a historic moment for WADA and a great day for clean sport worldwide. As the global regulator of doping-free sport, we want to make life easier for athletes and the work of the anti-doping community more effective. With Sword as our exclusive global IT partner, we will achieve this by significantly enhancing WADA's ability to improve its Anti-Doping Administration Management System [ADAMS] and other platforms.”

Chairman and CEO of Sword Jacques Mottard said: "This agreement is fully in line with our Environmental, Social and Governance project and our strategy of partnering with major international agencies and organizations. We are working with WADA in a spirit of trust and mutual respect, which will enable us to turn this partnership into a success in the very short term.”

WADA's President continued: "The partnership with Sword is a direct result of WADA's commitment and efforts to find sources of private funding to complement the Agency’s annual budget of USD 49.6 million (2023), which we receive from the Sport Movement and governments around the world. We are confident that we will succeed in attracting other organizations willing to invest in the integrity of sport, which will strengthen our ability to ensure a harmonized, coordinated and effective anti-doping system and, in so doing, further promote health and fairness worldwide.”