WADA signs historic sponsorship agreement with African broadcaster SuperSport

soccer ball

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has signed a sponsorship agreement with Africa-based broadcaster SuperSport that will help the Agency raise awareness of clean sport and deliver values-based education programs throughout the African continent.

The partnership is the first of its kind and will see SuperSport become an official WADA sponsor and continental partner for an initial period of two years. Through its role as a sponsor of WADA, SuperSport will provide direct funding and in-kind value for the purposes of promoting and coordinating the protection of clean sport.

WADA President Witold Bańka, said: “This is an historic agreement for WADA and a good day for clean sport. I have been very clear that, through our Anti-Doping Solidarity Fund, I want to find alternative revenue sources, including private funding, to complement the contributions we receive from the Sport Movement and Governments of the world. SuperSport, “the World of Champions”, recognizes the value that comes with being associated with WADA and the broader anti-doping community, and we are grateful for the vision, commitment and generosity they have shown in becoming our first official sponsor.

“The funds generated through this agreement will be used by us towards the development and delivery of education and prevention programs in Africa, with the objective of promoting the practice of doping-free sport in line with our values and ethical principles. As a popular broadcast provider across multiple channels throughout the territory of sub-Saharan Africa, SuperSport is well-placed to provide the sort of reach our promotion requires.”

SuperSport Chief Executive, Marc Jury, said: “This agreement is an important landmark in SuperSport's long history. Not only do we celebrate sport, we celebrate clean sport, of which WADA is at the forefront. WADA does outstanding work both in Africa and around the world and it is incumbent on SuperSport to help raise awareness of anti-doping among athletes and others across the continent.”

In addition to a cash sum, SuperSport will provide WADA with advertising and promotional airtime to help spread the clean sport message and raise awareness on the dangers and consequences of doping, targeting young people, coaches, doctors, and parents as well as informing viewers and sports enthusiasts of the broader societal importance of anti-doping.

As a WADA continental partner, SuperSport will receive the associated visibility benefits of being a sponsor, including promotion at certain events and initiatives, on WADA’s website, and through the use of WADA’s marks to create joint awareness campaigns, as laid out by the agreement.