WADA seeks candidates for its new Independent Ethics Board

Ethics Board

Deadline: 28 February 2022

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is seeking candidates to fill seven member seats of the Agency’s new Independent Ethics Board; which, along with an Ethics Officer, is charged with implementing WADA’s Code of Ethics.   

In November 2021, WADA’s Foundation Board approved a Code of Ethics, recognizing the importance of ensuring the highest ethical standards in the governance and administration of WADA. The purpose of the Code of Ethics is to establish clear ethical standards over the activities of WADA Officials (as defined within the Code of Ethics) to allow the Agency to achieve its global collaborative mission for doping-free sport and protect its core values. By endorsing the Code of Ethics, WADA and all its Officials undertake to respect and disseminate the culture of ethics, loyalty, and integrity within their respective areas of competence.

WADA’s Code of Ethics, including the Regulations of the Independent Ethics Board and Rules of Procedure, can be found here.


WADA is seeking candidates to fill seven member seats of the Agency’s new Independent Ethics Board. Appropriately experienced candidates from outside the anti-doping community are also invited to apply for these seven seats.

Nominations and applications are to be sent to WADA’s independent Nominations Committee, which will make an initial determination to retain a number of candidates. The Nominations Committee may also search and identify suitable candidate profiles for the Chair and member positions to ensure a robust candidate pool is available.

The Nominations Committee will submit the results of its work, including the relevant dossiers and a recommendation on each candidate, as well as the suitability for appointment as Chair (a Vice Chair will be designated from and by its members once the Ethics Board is established) to the WADA President and Vice President. The appointment to, and removal from, the Independent Ethics Board, including its Chair, is decided by the WADA Foundation Board and it is expected that the recommended candidates will be presented for approval at the next meeting of the Foundation Board on 19 May 2022.    

Independence criteria

All members of the Independent Ethics Board (except for the two members designated by the Public Authorities and the Olympic Movement) shall meet the general standard of independence as set out in WADA’s Governance Regulations (Section 1.2 of the By Laws on Independence) and the strictest requirements of independence stated under Section 2 of the By Laws on Independence in force at the time of their application and during the entirety of their appointment.

Term of office

The members of the Independent Ethics Board will be appointed for a term of three years and may be reappointed for two further terms of three years provided that they continue to meet all relevant eligibility criteria. Terms may be staggered. There are no age limits. A member of the Independent Ethics Board may not serve for more than nine years in total.

Expected time requirement

It is expected that the Independent Ethics Board will meet once in 2022, in person if possible. Thereafter, such administrative meetings will be held either annually, or every two years, to be assessed following the first year or two of operation. The time and commitment required of members will otherwise depend on the number, frequency and complexity of complaints received.

An Ethics Officer will be selected by the Independent Ethics Board once it is established, who will function as the first responder to complaints and undertake investigations where required, prior to referring any files to the Ethics Board and any Panel being formed to hear a case.

Remuneration arrangements

Members of the Independent Ethics Board will receive an annual honorarium, and a per diem when empaneled on a matter. Expenses incurred with respect to meetings will be covered by WADA. The Foundation Board will determine the amount of the honorarium and per diem in line with WADA’s current compensation policy. It should be noted that WADA is a non-for-profit organization.

How to submit applications

Applications are to be forwarded by Monday, 28 February 2022 to Ms Diane Smith-Gander, Chair, WADA Nominations Committee (c/o

To be considered, all applications must include the following:

  1. a motivation letter expressing reasons behind interest in appointment, and whether interest is being expressed in the role of Chair;
  2. a nomination letter for those applicants put forward by stakeholders;
  3. an updated curriculum vitae(1), fully outlining relevant experience and expertise; and
  4. completion of the Declaration of Independence Form, confirming that the required stricter independence criteria are met.

Applicants that are retained will be requested to provide up to three referees who may be contacted by the Nominations Committee. Persons from nominating organizations (refer to point 2 above) may also fill the role of referee, but this is not mandatory. Stakeholders who nominate a candidate will otherwise not be contacted by the Nominations Committee.

Retained applicants will be asked to consent to the use of third-party services to conduct vetting. 

Any questions should also be directed to Ms. Diane Smith-Gander, c/o

(1) For purposes of review, evaluation and approval, candidates consent to the sharing of their curriculum vitae and candidate file (and personal information contained therein) with the WADA Administration and the Nominations Committee, as well as the Executive Committee and Foundation Board, in accordance with WADA’s IX. Candidate Privacy Policy, of WADA’s Governance Regulations. Candidates are asked to review the Candidate Privacy Policy for details about how their personal information will be processed by WADA. By submitting their application, candidates confirm that they have read and understood the policy and accept its terms.