WADA highlights key achievements in 2022 Annual Report  

2022 annual report

Today, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is pleased to publish its 2022 Annual Report, which was approved by WADA’s Foundation Board on 17 November 2023.  

The Report is an opportunity to thank all our partners in clean sport for their collaboration, and to highlight the ways in which we are Delivering Impact Together.  

This year’s Report is structured around our Strategic Priorities to showcase the ways in which our activities are informed by, and advancing, our 2020-2024 Strategic Plan. Also, with an eye towards making content more accessible and engaging, we are publishing it in a dynamic digital fashion.   

The Report, which includes the Agency’s audited financial statements, is an important element of WADA’s ongoing commitment to accountability and transparency. 

You can read the Report here