WADA announces launch of Social Science Research (SSR) Collaboration Platform website

ssr collab platform

Agency publishes results of Stakeholder Survey regarding SSR in sport integrity

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is pleased to announce the launch of a new website to promote Social Science Research (SSR) opportunities as part of the SSR Collaboration Platform, and in response to the results of the related Stakeholder Survey, both of which were launched in April 2021.

The SSR Collaboration Platform is an informal “community of practice” for international organizations that fund or support SSR in sport integrity matters. It was established by WADA in partnership with the Council of Europe, the European Commission, the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the Partnership for Clean Competition (PCC) and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to raise the visibility of social science research in sport. More information is available in the Communiqué that was published in April 2021.

About the Stakeholder Survey

The goal of the Stakeholder Survey was to help the Platform’s collaborators understand the needs of the sporting community to improve their support and promotion of SSR in sport in the future. The Survey received 350+ responses, representing a number of different types of organizations in the following five categories:

  1. University/Research Institutes
  2. Sports Federations
  3. Anti-Doping Organizations
  4. Private Organizations
  5. Public Authorities

The Survey results indicate that SSR is important to sport integrity stakeholders and also identify challenges to accessing funding opportunities and subsequent research findings.

About the SSR Collaboration Platform Website

In response to the Survey results, the SSR Collaboration Platform is launching the website to act as a central hub for SSR. The site will:

  • highlight funding opportunities
  • facilitate and centralize access to research findings, and
  • provide updates on the Platform’s work

Stakeholders will be able to sign up for Platform notifications on the site.

Should you have any questions regarding the Stakeholder Survey Report or the SSR Collaboration Platform, please contact Kelsey Martin, Coordinator, Research and Policy (Education), at