WADA announces candidates for Regional African Election for its National Anti-Doping Organization Expert Advisory Group

Election to be held 4-6 March 2024 

Further to the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA’s) communication of 10 January 2024 calling for interested candidates for the upcoming regional African election for WADA’s National Anti-Doping Organization (NADO) Expert Advisory Group (EAG), we are pleased to announce that we have received five eligible nominations for the one vacant seat.  

The Chair of WADA’s NADO EAG, Mr. Kim Kum-pyoung, said: “NADOs play a critical role in protecting clean sport. I encourage all eligible African NADOs to participate in the upcoming election process to ensure strong and effective representation within WADA. The elected representative will join a committed group that provides expertise on anti-doping issues impacting NADOs; and, guidance to WADA on its activities in order to enhance collaboration with, and development of, NADOs globally.”  

The five candidates are listed below in alphabetical order by last name. One election will be conducted with the eligible African NADOs to elect one candidate for the ten-member NADO EAG.  

A consolidation of the candidate profiles, with additional details, can be found in one document here.  



Representing NADO 

ABOUALI, Fatima [1]

Moroccan Anti-Doping Agency  

KHAMIS, Hazem 

Egyptian Anti-Doping Organization  


National Anti-Doping Agency of Algeria  

KOUKI, Hela 

National Anti-Doping Agency of Tunisia  

SHIBUTSE, Sarah Idieva 

Anti-Doping Agency of Kenya 

[1] Dr. Fatima Abouali withdrew her candidacy on 26 February 2024.


Candidates were required to meet eligibility criteria, as outlined in Article 4 of the WADA NADO EAG Election Procedure. These included: being employed at the executive level by an eligible NADO or serving as a member of the oversight body of an eligible NADO and not being involved in the management or operations of any International Federation, National Federation, Major Event Organization, National Olympic Committee, National Paralympic Committee, or government department with responsibility for sport or anti-doping. In addition, the NADO nominating a candidate was required to meet eligibility criteria, as outlined in Article 3 of the Election Procedure. All five candidates listed above were reviewed and confirmed by the Election Scrutineer. 

To be eligible to vote in the election, all African NADOs are to meet the same criteria as a NADO nominating a candidate. All African NADOs were advised of the candidate list on 16 February 2024 and all eligible African NADOs will be contacted to confirm if they wish to vote in the election. 

Regional Election 

The election will be held virtually via an online voting platform between 4-6 March 2024. Only those NADOs registered and deemed eligible will be able to vote. As noted above, eligible NADOs will vote to elect one African representative to the NADO EAG for a term ending in December 2025, concurrently with the other nine members of the NADO EAG. 

Unless a second round is to be organized due to a tie result, the elected candidate will be confirmed by the Election Scrutineer on 8 March and will be announced by WADA shortly after. 

Election Timeline 

The following table outlines the timeline that applies to the regional African election.  


2024 Calendar 

Election procedure email sent by WADA informing all African NADOs of the official list of candidates, voting procedure and dates of the election 

16 February  

Campaigning period  

17 February to 3 March  


4 to 6 March  

Confirmation of elected candidate by the Election Scrutineer 

8 March* 

Successful candidate informed and publicly announced 

11 March* 

*Might be postponed if tie results and run-off rounds need to be organized.  

Should you have any questions, please feel free to direct them to

To challenge the admissibility of a candidature or to report an alleged infringement of the Election Procedure, please contact the Election Scrutineer (WADA Independent Ethics Board member Mr. Pascal Borry, c/o