In force Publication date 29 Apr 16

Doping in Czech adolescents: Prevalence, correlates and experiences

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Project/Report Title: Doping in Czech adolescents: Prevalence, correlates and experiences

Researcher(s)/author(s): Jiri Mudrak

Country: Czech Republic 

Language: English

Year of funding/approval: 2014

The main goal of the project is to bridge this gap and acquire comprehensive data related to using Performance Enhancing Substances (PES) in Czech youth (aged between 14-18 years old, involved both in elite and leisure sport) which could be used in preparing anti-doping policies and anti-doping preventive programs. Specifically, the goals of this project are to explore 1) the prevalence of doping in this population, 2) their attitudes towards performance enhancing substances, 3) demographical characteristics of Czech adolescents using PES or showing positive/negative attitude towards PES, 4) the relation of their sport motivation and their using of PES and attitudes towards PES, 5) their detailed concrete experiences with doping.

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