Nominations Committee

A WADA Permanent Special Committee

In November 2018, WADA’s Foundation Board (Board) approved wide-ranging governance reforms that included formation of a Nominations Committee (NomsComm) to ensure the right people in terms of skills and independence serve in senior governance roles within WADA.

In October 2019, WADA outlined the composition and mandate of our inaugural NomsComm, which the Agency’s Executive Committee (ExCo) had approved in September 2019. The members were identified, recruited, vetted and recommended to the ExCo by Korn Ferry, an external agency that we had engaged for this purpose upon approval by the ExCo in May 2019. 

In May 2020, the official mandate period of the inaugural NomsComm ended; at which point, the five members of the inaugural Committee expressed their willingness to continue and the ExCo confirmed them as the permanent NomsComm. Because Members’ terms are for a period of three years, the ExCo agreed a rotation of staggered terms so that they do not all conclude at the same time.

The NomsComm was confirmed as a Permanent Special Committee by the Board as part of the 2022 governance reforms. 

Nominations Committee Terms of Reference

WADA Contact: Samantha Dubois, Manager, Governance

Below are the members of the Nominations Committee:

Independent Chair

Diane Smith-Gander AO (Australia)

Business executive with 30+ years experience in banking, technology, consulting, government and sport.

Independent Member

Regine Buettner (Germany)

20+ years global experience in human resources (HR). Currently leading Global HR Practice for DHL Express.

Independent Member

Stewart Beck (Canada)

15+ years domestic and foreign government experience. Currently President & CEO Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada.

Sports Movement Nominee

Kelly Fairweather (South Africa/Switzerland)

Chief Executive Officer, International Tennis Federation.

Public Authority Nominee

Maja Zalaznik (Slovenia)

Full Professor, International Business, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics, Slovenia.