WADA statement regarding ARD documentary concerning Chinese swimming


Agency to hold media conference on 22 April, which is open to all

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) notes today’s release of a documentary by German broadcaster, ARD. The documentary follows media reports yesterday in relation to an environmental contamination case concerning Chinese swimmers, regarding which WADA issued a media release.

Following WADA’s review of the documentary, the Agency still stands firmly by the results of its scientific investigation and legal decision concerning the case. We are equally confident that WADA’s independent Intelligence and Investigations Department followed up on all allegations received, which were not corroborated by any evidence; and thus, did not meet WADA I&I’s threshold to open an investigation.

Based on all available scientific evidence and intelligence, which was gathered, assessed and tested by experts in the pharmacology of trimetazidine (TMZ); and, by anti-doping experts, the Agency had no basis under the World Anti-Doping Code to challenge the China Anti-Doping Agency’s (CHINADA’s) findings of environmental contamination – a position that was also accepted by World Aquatics.   

To be clear, if any new evidence had come to light at any point, WADA would have reviewed this information as it would today. We acknowledge that this is a very complex topic, which is subject to misinterpretation; and therefore, we invite members of the media and anybody that wishes to attend a virtual media conference tomorrow, 22 April, at 11:00 EDT.

WADA’s President, Witold Bańka; Director General, Olivier Niggli; General Counsel, Ross Wenzel; Senior Director, Science and Medicine, Prof. Olivier Rabin; and Director, Intelligence and Investigations, Günter Younger, will be on hand to answer media questions. 

To participate in the media conference

1. Working members of the media who wish to attend the media conference are asked to register at the following link by 09:30 EDT tomorrow, 22 April: ZOOM LINK

Registrations will be processed by WADA and confirmation of registration, including login details, will be sent out by 10:00 on 22 April.

Members of the media will be in listening mode; although, during the Q&A session of the conference, you will be able to ask a question to WADA Leadership by raising your virtual hand.

In the meantime, for any enquiries by members of the media relating to the media conference, please contact Andrew Maggio, Manager, Media Relations and Communications, at    

2. For all others that wish to attend the media conference, you can do so by registering at the following ZOOM LINK and you will be given access to the media conference in listening mode only.

3. It should be noted that, shortly after the media conference, a recording will be made available on WADA’s website.