WADA seeks candidates to fill 2025 Standing Committee member vacancies

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The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is seeking candidates for consideration to fill multiple vacant positions on its 2025 Standing Committees(1). This call applies to the following three Committees:  

  1. Education Committee 
  2. Finance and Administration Committee 
  3. Health, Medical and Research Committee 

The Standing Committees, which report to WADA’s Executive Committee (ExCo), play a key advisory role for the Agency in anti-doping policy and priority development. The successful candidates will be approved by the ExCo at their meeting on 4 December 2024 and take office on 1 January 2025 for three-year terms. Considering the need for relevant expertise and experience, WADA seeks to ensure that, collectively, the members of the Standing Committees are diverse in terms of region, gender, and culture. 

Aside from outlining the vacancies, WADA is pleased to provide links to the Terms of Reference (TOR) that outline the scope of work and functioning of the respective Standing Committees: 

Committee Terms of Reference 

Vacant positions 


Education Committee [TOR] 

Four positions 

Wednesday 18 September 2024 

Finance and Administration Committee [TOR] 

Two positions 

Wednesday 18 September 2024 

Health, Medical and Research Committee [TOR] 

Three positions(2) 

Wednesday 18 September 2024 

WADA President Witold Bańka said: “WADA encourages interested and qualified candidates to apply. The Agency also relies on all our stakeholders to consider their respective regions and organizations and to nominate suitable candidates for the vacant positions on our 2025 Standing Committees. We are grateful to all the volunteer members of our Committees, who are key advisors to WADA in regards to anti-doping policy and priority development. Their commitment, expertise, and experience are key to strengthening the global anti-doping system for the benefit of athletes worldwide.” 

How to submit applications 

To be considered, all applications must include the following:  

  • a maximum one-page cover (motivational) letter;  
  • an updated curriculum vitae(3), which fully captures the candidate’s experience and expertise; and 
  • a completed application form

It is recommended, but not a requirement, for applicants for the positions of Standing Committee members to provide a letter of endorsement from a recognized anti-doping stakeholder.  

Applications are to be forwarded by Wednesday 18 September 2024 to Mr. Olivier Niggli, WADA Director General (c/o

Any questions can also be directed to Mr. Niggli (c/o 

Relevant Notes: 

(1)  It should be noted that on 29 April 2024 a separate candidate call was issued seeking candidates for one Independent Member seat on WADA’s Compliance Review Committee (CRC), which is classified as a Permanent Special Committee. This position follows a different selection process in accordance with the WADA Governance Regulations. The deadline to submit applications for the CRC Independent Member position is Friday 14 June 2024. 

(2) The Health, Medical and Research Committee will have a fourth vacant position for 2025, however, it will be filled by an athlete representative selected by and from the WADA Athlete Council (AC), in accordance with the revised WADA Governance Regulations and the AC Terms of Reference.  

(3) For purposes of review, evaluation and approval, candidates consent to the sharing of their curriculum vitae and candidate file (and personal information contained therein) with the WADA Director General, the Chair of the relevant Standing Committee, and the ExCo and Board, in accordance with WADA’s Privacy Policy and Governance Regulations. Candidates are asked to review the Privacy Policy for details about how their personal information will be processed by WADA. By submitting their application, candidates confirm that they have read and understood the policy and accept its terms.