WADA applauds partnership between National Anti-Doping Organizations of Switzerland and Morocco


This week, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) was pleased to attend a signing ceremony regarding a two-year partnership agreement between Swiss Sport Integrity (SSI) and the Agence Marocaine Antidopage (AMAD). 

The agreement, which was facilitated by WADA’s Africa office and signed in Rabat, Morocco, has the main objective of improving overall anti-doping capacity and expertise in Morocco. AMAD became an independent National Anti-Doping Organization (NADO) in 2021, and its anti-doping program has developed significantly since that time. However, AMAD identified a need to develop even further and discussions regarding a potential partnership with SSI began in 2023. 

WADA Director, NADO/RADO Relations, Tom May said: “Partnerships are an important tool in the development and harmonization of the global anti-doping community. From WADA’s perspective, the partnership between the AMAD and SSI is a strong example for NADOs around the world to follow. Cooperation between National Anti-Doping Organizations is key to ensuring the development of anti-doping programs internationally. WADA looks forward to the positive outcomes that will come from this partnership.” 

AMAD President, Dr. Fatima Abouali said: “L’Agence Marocaine Antidopage is pleased to have the opportunity to collaborate and learn from a strong partner like Swiss Sport Integrity. We look forward to positive cooperation between our two organisations over the next two years. I would like to particularly thank WADA’s Africa office and its director, Rodney Swigelaar, for the support and guidance provided in the forming of this partnership. We are excited to work closely with SSI in the years to come as we continue to strengthen the anti-doping program in Morocco.” 

SSI President, Ulrich Kurmann, said: “With its years of experience and expertise, Swiss Sport Integrity is privileged to be able to support the development of the newly established anti-doping organization in Morocco, as well as make an important contribution to strengthening clean sport. We look forward to supporting AMAD as it takes the next step in its development as an independent NADO.” 

Specifically, during the course of the partnership, SSI will look to assist AMAD in improving aspects of its anti-doping program, including: 

  • Compliance with the World Anti-Doping Code, with a focus on testing, intelligence and investigations, and education; 

  • Strengthening of disciplinary and appeals committees that are operationally or institutionally independent and competent in accordance with the Code; 

  • Development of a Therapeutic Use Exemption Committee; 

  • Implementation of a structured quality management system; and 

  • Fostering relationships and open channels of communication with other ADOs and building a network of international anti-doping cooperation.  

A total of four in-person meetings between SSI and AMAD are scheduled over the course of the next two years. These will be complemented by a number of virtual sessions, each focusing on a different aspect of AMAD’s anti-doping program.