Research on prevalence of doping, scientific and education topics among WADA webinars in April

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The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is pleased to outline below its ‘live’ webinar schedule for April 2022, which includes webinars on a variety of topics including Dried Blood Spot (DBS) testing, the Prohibited List, Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUEs), prevalence of doping, and education.

These webinars will be hosted in English unless otherwise noted.

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6 April

03:00 EDT

An introduction to DBS testing and its early implementation by the China Anti-Doping Agency (CHINADA)

Qingping Yan, Deputy Director of Anti-Doping Division, General Administration of Sport of China

Hongtao Wen, Deputy Director, Testing Division, CHINADA

Weicheng Zhou, Testing Manager, CHINADA

Léonie Egli, Project Manager, DBS, Science and Medicine, WADA

Kenny Lee, Manager, Asia/Oceania Office, WADA (Moderator)

Anti-Doping Organizations (ADOs) from Asia/Oceania

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12 April

11:00 EDT

The Prohibited List and Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUEs) – What athletes need to know

(in Spanish)

Adriana Escobar, Member of WADA Athlete Committee, Olympian (Rowing)

Dr. Alan Vernec, Chief Medical Officer, WADA

Katia Alloun, Medical Consultant, Science and Medicine, WADA


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12 de abril

11h ET (hora estándar del Este)

La Lista de Prohibiciones y Autorizaciones de Uso Terapéutico - lo que los deportistas deben saber

Adriana Escobar, miembro del Comité de Atletas de la AMA, remera de nivel internacional

Dr. Alan Vernec, Director medico, AMA

Katia Alloun, Consultora medica, AMA

Para deportistas


20 April

10:00 EDT

Anti-Doping Education and Learning platform

(ADEL) – One Year On and Beyond

Gracie-Hongyang Li, Manager, Learning Management System (ADEL), Education, WADA

Soledad Silvera, Coordinator, ADEL (ADO Support), Education, WADA

Erika Armitano, Assistant, Education, WADA (Moderator)


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22 April

9:30 EDT

A survey tool to estimate prevalence of doping

Andrea Petroczi, PhD, Professor of Public Health, Kingston University London

Jesús A. Muñoz-Guerra Revilla, PhD, Head of Anti-Doping Department; Spanish Commission for the Fight Against Doping in Sports (CELAD)

Marcia MacDonald, PhD, Associate Director, Research, Science and Medicine, WADA



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We also take the opportunity to remind stakeholders of the remaining webinar to be held in March:

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30 Mar

9:00 EDT

Support tools for planning ADO education programs:  Example of Athlete Support Personnel Curriculums

Ariadna Camargo, Coordinator, Digital Learning, Education, WADA

Eva Erfle, Consultant, Education, WADA



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