Independent Ethics Board

A WADA Permanent Special Committee

Following the Foundation Board’s approval of a new Code of Ethics in November 2021, WADA defines clear ethical standards over the activities of WADA’s officials, and the IEB is in charge of implementing the Code of Ethics and adjudicating any complaint that may arise under its scope of application. The IEB is one of five Permanent Special Committees within WADA’s governance structure.

In May 2022, the Foundation Board approved the membership of the new nine-member WADA Independent Ethics Board, which consists of: Independent Chair (1), Independent Members (6), and the Sport Movement and Public Authority Members (2). The Independent Ethics Board is regulated by the WADA Code of Ethics (see in particular its Annex A).

WADA Contact: Samantha Dubois, Manager, Governance

Please visit the dedicated IEB website for more information

Independent Ethics Board Website

If you have witnessed, know of or have reasonable grounds for suspecting a breach of the WADA Code of Ethics, you are encouraged to submit a report on the WADA Ethics Reporting Platform. You can also submit a report by email to the Ethics Officer at  

WADA Ethics Reporting Platform Form

Below are the members of the Independent Ethics Board:

Independent Chair  

Mette Hartlev (Denmark)

Independent Member (Vice-Chair)

Mary Ang’awa (Kenya)

Independent Member

Pascal Borry (Belgium)

Independent Member

Phil Hutchinson (UK)

Independent Member Emma Johnson OLY (Australia)
Public Authority Nominee

Regina LaBelle (USA)

Independent Member

Rozle Prezelj OLY (Slovenia)

Sport Movement Nominee

Marc Theisen (Luxembourg)

Independent Member

Ana Tuiketei (Fiji)