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WADA Independent Ethics Board

WADA Independent Ethics Board

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) was established in 1999 as an international independent agency composed and funded by the sport movement and governments of the world. WADA officials are expected to observe the highest ethical standards and avoid improper influences or conflicts of interest that would undermine their ability to act in the best interest of the agency.

In 2018, WADA’s Foundation Board approved wide-ranging governance reforms and in 2021, approved a Code of Ethics recognising the importance of ensuring these high standards and establishing clear ethical standards over the activities of WADA Officials (as defined in the Code of Ethics). These reforms included the creation of an Independent Ethics Board (IEB) and an Ethics Officer position, both charged with the responsibility of implementing the WADA Code of Ethics.

IEB Members

The IEB consists of nine persons, including its Chair. Appointment to, and removal from, the IEB is decided by the WADA Foundation Board. Two IEB members are appointed by the Public Authorities and the Olympic Movement. Members appointed by the Public Authorities and Olympic Movement may not be appointed to the position of Chair or Vice-Chair. The seven other IEB members must meet the strictest of WADA’s independence requirements on appointment and throughout the entire term of their office.

Appointments to the IEB are for a term of three years and members may be reappointed for two further terms of three years, provided that they continue to meet the relevant eligibility criteria. A member may not serve for more than nine years in total.

The IEB meets as required by the Chair and shall provide periodic reports on its activities, at a minimum of twice a year, to the President of WADA who will share the reports with the WADA Foundation Board and the WADA Executive Committee.

The inaugural, and current members of the IEB are:

  • mette hartlev

    Prof. Mette Hartlev

    Denmark – Independent Chair
  • Ang Awa Mary

    Hon. Mary Ang’awa

    Kenya – Independent Vice-Chair
  • Pascal Borry

    Prof. Pascal Borry

    Belgium – Independent Member
  • Phil Hutchinson

    Mr. Phil Hutchinson

    United Kingdom – Independent Member
  • Regina LaBelle

    Ms. Regina LaBelle

    USA – Public Authorities Nominee
  • Sal Perna AM

    Mr. Sal Perna AM

    Australia – Independent Member
  • Prezelj Rozle

    Dr. Rožle Prezelj

    Slovenia – Independent Member
  • Marc Theisen

    Mr. Marc Theisen

    Luxembourg – Olympic Movement Nominee
  • Ana Tuiketei

    Ms. Ana Tuiketei

    Fiji - Independent Member

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