Code Compliance by Signatories

The current version of the International Standard for Code Compliance by Signatories (ISCCS) went into force on 1 April 2024.

The World Anti-Doping Code (Code) makes WADA responsible for monitoring and enforcing Signatory compliance with the Code and the International Standards. The Code also requires Signatories to report on their compliance to WADA. The purpose of the ISCCS is to ensure that strong, Code-compliant anti-doping rules and programs are applied and enforced consistently and effectively across all sports and all countries, so that clean athletes can have confidence that there is fair competition on a level playing field, and public confidence in the integrity of sport can be maintained.

 The ISCCS outlines:

  • Code Signatories’ rights and responsibilities
  • How WADA supports Signatories in achieving, maintaining and, where applicable, regaining Code compliance
  • A range of graded, predictable and proportionate sanctions for cases of non-compliance by Signatories
  • A process for determining non-compliance and consequences.

Model Rules

As part of their obligations under the Code, Anti-Doping Organizations (ADOs) must draft anti-doping rules that are in line with the Code and the International Standards and have these draft rules reviewed by WADA, in either English or French.

WADA provides the following Model Rules to assist Signatories with this requirement: