Accredited & Approved Laboratories

Anti-doping laboratories are dedicated to the analysis of sports doping control tests. Laboratories that wish to perform the analysis of doping controls for sports under the World Anti-Doping Code must achieve and maintain accreditation from WADA.

The International Standard for Laboratories and its related technical documents specify the criteria that must be met for accreditation and re-accreditation, as well as standards that must be met for the production of valid test results and evidentiary data.

Please consult the Science & Medical section of the website for more information on the accreditation processtechnical documents and guidelineslaboratory assessors or published testing figures.


There are currently 34 laboratories around the world accredited to conduct human doping control sample analyses. Several other laboratories have expressed interest in entering the WADA accreditation process.

Approved Laboratories

While most WADA-accredited laboratories can also perform blood analyses in support of the heamatological module of the Athlete Biological Passport (ABP), there are currently an additional 3 approved laboratories (non WADA-accredited laboratories) that are also permitted to conduct such analyses.