In force Publication date 13 May 19

Examining the role of personal ethics in athlete and stakeholder perceptions of anti-doping

Principal investigator
J. Mills
United Kingdom
University of Essex
Year approved
Attitudes toward doping, International-level, Elite, High Performance

Project description


The current project has three main objectives:

  • To explore the moral development of athletes and stakeholders, a sample of sport (e.g., team, individual) and exercise (e.g., bodybuilding, aerobics) participants (preferably athlete-parent/coach dyads) will be recruited for Moral Judgement Interviews to establish how individuals vary in their ethical frameworks.
  • These data will then be utilised to design and validate a novel measure of personal ethics, which not only assesses the strength of said ethics, but also provides a rank ordering of ethical priorities.
  • To develop a new value based anti-doping training programme that uses the new measure to identify the dominant personal ethic and attempts to use this information to reduce doping intentions.

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