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Do anti-doping interventions work?

Resource description

Project/Report Title: Do anti-doping interventions work?

Researcher(s)/author(s): Dr. Vassil Girginov

Institution(s): Brunel University London (UK)

Language: English

Year of funding/approval: 2020

This innovative three-years research project aims to critically explore and evaluate the effectiveness of selected anti-doping interventions across three levels of intervention including (i) individual; (ii) organisational; and (iii) societal - in four different national cultural contexts – Austria, Russia, South Africa and the UK. The specific objectives of this research project are to:

  • Articulate the multinational political, social, economic and sporting contexts in which different interventions have been designed and implemented;
  • Critically examine the relationship between anti-doping programmes’ theory, objectives, inputs, throughputs, outputs and outcomes; and
  • Develop policy recommendations including specifically an adaptable anti-doping intervention monitoring and evaluation tool in English and Russian languages.

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