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Detection of autologous transfusion from refrigerated or cryopreserved blood by characterization of RBC and micro particles

Principal investigator
A. Marchand
Year approved
Blood transfusion

Project description

Code: ISF17D20AM

Our objectives are:
- to reproduce an ABT experiment similar to what athletes are susceptible to perform (small volume of blood: 200ml) and to compare in the same assay reinfusion of refrigerated blood (stored less than one month) or reinfusion of cryopreserved blood. A group of subjects that will donate blood but will not be reinfused will also be integrated as controls. 
- to focus on the characterization of microparticles before and after ABT:  to identify morphological and cell surface markers changes, as well as changes in protein content by proteomic analyses of microparticles. 

We will :
(i) determine if these techniques can efficiently identify an ABT of small volume. And if similar modifications are identified when blood was conserved refrigerated or frozen. 
(ii) determine the window of detection of an ABT of small volume with these tests..