Play True Day visuals

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In order to engage as many stakeholders as possible, WADA has created a number of branded visuals for stakeholders to brand their own Play Safe on Play True Day 2020 photos and videos. These include: 

  • Branded frames that you may layer onto your photo or video messages 
  • A Play Safe Pledge that can be either printed or personalized digitally for your social media platforms 
  • Various GIFs that have been created for the day that can be used on Instagram 

How to use the Frames: 

  1. Download the frame of your choice (Green, Blue, Pink, Purple, Orange or Dark Blue).
  2. Choose a picture to use in the frame (the image should be a minimum of 600x600px, ideally 1000x1000px).
  3. Use an editing software to layer the two images (Photoshop, or others).
  4. If you don't have such a program, you can use Pixlr, a free online tool.
  5. Open your chosen image, and then add the frame on top. (By clicking "Add Image" and "Browse" to import the image from your computer on Pixlr).
  6. Save it as a JPG or PNG.
  7. Use it on social media with #PlayTrueDay, #PlaySafe and #PlayTrue

How to use the Pledge: 

In order to showcase the reasons you Play Safe on Play True Day, you can either:

  1. Print out the Play Safe Pledge, write the reason you Play Safe on Play True Day,  and take a picture of yourself holding the frame to share on social media.
  2. Use an editing software to add text to the Pledge (Twitter version, Instagram version) and save it to share on social media.
  3. Use the Pledge as an Instagram Story and add your text directly in the app.

The Pledge is also available in Spanish (Twitter, Instagram, Instagram Story).

How to use the GIFs:

GIFs are only available on Instagram stories. Here is a tutorial on how to use GIFs. 


Publication date 1 April 2020
Language English
Play True
All Audiences
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