Independent Commission Terms of Reference - Addendum

In force

This document is an addendum to the original Terms of Reference of the Independent Commission (IC) published in January 2015.

The IC was created by decision of the WADA President following allegations of doping aired between 3 and 8 December 2014 by the German television channel ARD.

On 1 August 2015 ARD aired a new program following the original program released on 3 December 2014, with new documentation and other evidence alleging misconduct on the part of IAAF in relation to the follow-up of suspicious indications of doping in the period 2001-2012. The program also produced evidence of what appeared to be extensive doping among Kenyan athletes, primarily in distance running events.

What appeared to be a database of several thousands of tests carried out at the request of IAAF was referred to, as well as a report by Australian scientists, Michael Ashenden and Robin Parisotto.

Many articles appeared shortly thereafter, primarily in the British press, purporting to rely on information contained in the database. The President of WADA referred the matter to the Independent Commission as an extension of its original mandate arising out of the initial documentary shown on 3 December 2014.


Publication date 20 August 2015
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