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Synthesis of mesocarb metabolites as reference compounds for doping analytics

Project description

Project Title: Synthesis of mesocarb metabolites as reference compounds for doping analysis

Researcher: J. Yli-Kauhaluoma

Institution: University of Helsinki, Finland

Year accepted: 2005

Summary: In this project a high-yielding and selective synthesis methods for the preparation of mesocarb metabolites as reference substances will be developed. The synthesized metabolites will be purified and characterized and their chemical stability will be tested. The synthesized substances will be used to solve so far unknown regiochemical structures of the main urinary metabolites of mesocarb. Using the synthesized substances, the feasibility of various screening methods used in doping laboratories for the abuse of mesocarb will be tested, and a liquid chromatographic – tandem mass spectrometric confirmation method will be developed and validated. Finally, the synthesized mesocarb metabolites would be available free of charge as reference substances to the world’s antidoping community. The pure and fully characterized reference substances would enable the reliable and legally defensible analysis of mesocarb and could also be used in quality assurance and in development of new analytical methods

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