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Stable Isotope ratio analysis of nandrolone and boldonone preparations

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Project Title: Stable isotope ratio analysis of nandrolone and boldenone preparations

Researchers: Dr. Goebel, Dr. Brooker

Institution: National Measurement Institute, Australia

Year approved: 2011

Summary: The project proposes to measure the carbon and hydrogen isotope ratios of seized samples of nandrolone and boldenone over the course of a 12-month period to reveal any differences with values derived from legitimate pharmaceutical preparations that are known to be depleted in carbon-13. This project will build on the successful profiling of testosterone preparations (Cawley et al. 2010) by targeting an international sample population provided by WADA-accredited and law enforcement laboratories. GC-Thermal Conversion (TC)-IRMS analysis will be applied here to investigate the potential of hydrogen isotope ratios values to provide improved detection of administered nandrolone or boldenone that would otherwise be considered to be endogenous.

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