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A Secretagogue Chemiluminescent Assay

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Project Title: A Secretagogue Chemiluminescent Assay

Researchers: Pr. R. Gutierrez-Gallego, Pr. J. Segura, Pr. P. Ferro Gallego

Institution: Fundació Institut Mar d’Investigacions Mèdiques (IMIM), Spain

Year accepted: 2013

Summary: The main objectives of this project were:

  • Obtention of appropriate chemiluminescent tags bound to streptravidin and synthesis, purification, and characterisation of streptavidin conjugated to acridinium, not commercially available.
  • Set-up of a competition assay protocol employing different chemiluminescent tags. - Comparison of the radiotracer and the chemiluminescent tracers.
  • Assessment of the chemiluminescent competition assay in urine samples.

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