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Overall approach for blood transfusion detection (autologous/ homologous)

Project description

Project Title: Overall approach for blood transfusion detection (autologous/homologous)

Researchers: J. Segura, R. Ventura, R. Abellan (Fundacio IMIM, Barcelona, Spain), O. Fornas (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain), M. Lopez (Hospital del Mar, Barcelona, Spain)

Year accepted: 2006

Summary: The present project aims at developing screening and confirmatory methods able to detect a blood or red blood cells transfusion process to a given individual. The screening approach is based on the search in urine of plasticizers known to be leaked from blood bags towards the liquid and solid portions of bags contents and to be incorporated to donor’s body after transfusion. The presence of unusually high amounts of metabolites of plasticizers in urine would alert on the use of a potential prohibited method.

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