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Nutritional Supplements - still a risk of inadvertent doping?

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Project Title: Nutritional supplements. Still a risk for inadvertent doping?

Researchers: H. Geyer (German Sport University, Cologne, Germany), G. Gmeiner (Austrian Research Centre, Seibersdorf, Austria

Year accepted: 2007

Summary: Has the situation on nutritional supplement market improved or got worse? To answer this question on an international level an extended follow-up of the 2002 IOC study should be performed. NS from different countries and from internet sources should be purchased and analysed for prohormones, classic anabolic steroids, new designer steroids, β2-agonists and stimulants. The results should be used to educate athletes to reduce the non-reflected use of NS, to force the industry for the improvement of quality control systems for NS and to motivate governmental institutions to regulate and restrict the market for NS.

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