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Mass spectometry of peptide hormones

Project description

Project Title: Mass spectrometry of peptide hormones

Researchers: G. Trout, R. Kazlauskas, C. Howe

Institution: Australian Sports Drug Testing Laboratory (ASDTL), Pymble, Australia

Year accepted: 2002

Summary: The aim is to research processes to allow:

  • A validated method to confirm cases of HCG doping using LC/MS.
  • A [C/MS method to identify and confirm the presence of haemoglobin based blood substitutes.
  • A mass spectral method to distinguish between recombinant EPO and urinary EPO
  • Mass spectral methods to detect and identify other significant biologically active molecules such as NESP, EPO mimetics, growth hormone isomers, IGF1 etc at the low levels found in blood and urine samples.

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