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Heparin: (more than) a masking agent in Epo-doping control

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Project Title: Heparin: (more than) a masking agent in Epo-doping control

Researchers: C. Reichel, G. Gmeiner, V. Jordan

Institution: Austrian Research Centers - ARC

Year accepted: 2009

Summary: The project investigates the effect of different heparin pharmaceuticals (unfractionated heparins, fractionated “low molecular mass” heparins) on both the EPO IEF-PAGE and SDS/Sarcosyl-PAGE methods and after administration of heparin to humans. Both biological matrices will be studied, urine and blood serum/plasma. Additionally, the capability of EPO immunoaffinity purification on the removal of heparin will be studied. What we already know is that ultrafiltration is not able to remove higher molecular mass heparins from urinary EPO.

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