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Glucocorticoid and performance: Possible mechanisms of action

Project description

Project Title: Glucocorticoid and performance: Possible mechanisms of action

Researchers: K. Collomp, A. Arlettaz, A.M. Lecoq, H. Portier, N. Rieth

Institution: Laboratoire LAPSEP, Orléans CEDEX, France

Year accepted: 2007

Summary: We therefore propose to contribute to a wider knowledge of glucocorticoid action mechanisms during exercise with in particular investigation of: 1) the ergogenic impact of these drugs in women; 2) the endocrine and metabolic responses after short-term glucocorticoid administration during longer exercise (3 hours), with regard to the gender status of the subjects in order to elucidate the mechanism(s) of action involved in the improvement in performance.

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