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Effects of snus administration on sport performance

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Project: Effects of snus administration on sport performance

Researchers: Pr. C. Chiamulera, Dr. E. Tam, Dr. M. Baraldo

Institution: University of Verona, Italy

Year accepted: 2013

Summary: The aim of this study is to investigate the snus effects on sport performance. In the first year we will investigate the effects of snus in an aerobic performance by an exercise intensity nearly 80% VO2max until exhaustion correlated with the perception of effort and time to exhaustion along with a range of physiological parameters. In the second and third year the aim is to investigate the effect of snus on high-intensity exercise by on a, short-term high-intensity cycling test, (Wingate) using trained athletes. If results will show a snus effect of increasing time to exhaustion, reduced perception of effort and increase anaerobic performance, an informed decision on the potential doping of nicotine will be done.

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