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Dose-response effect of alcohol ingestion on steroid profile (Acronym: Profethyl)

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Project Title: Dose response effect of alcohol ingestion on steroid profile (Acronym: Profethyl)

Researchers: Dr. R. de la Torre, Dr. M. Farre, Dr. J.A. Pascual

Institutions: IMIM - Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute, Spain

Year approved: 2012

The main objectives of the project are:

  • Study the intra-individual variation of steroid profile parameters as a result of the ingestion of different doses of ethanol using urine samples already available from previous ethanol administration studies performed by our group.
  • Develop cut-off values for the selected biomarkers (EtG and EtS) granting that the steroid profile in a particular urine sample could not have been altered by ethanol consumption.
  • Perform additional clinical studies incorporating Asian volunteers in order to extend the validity of those markers to other populations, particularly those with the well known UGT2B17 gene deletion (e.g. Asians)

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