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Determination of the etpitope specificity of anti-20 kDa antibodies by SPR – Search for complementary immunoglobulins

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Project Title: Determination of the epitope specificity of anti-20 kDa antibodies by SPR – search for complementary immunoglobulins (Acronym: 20-UP)

Researchers:  R. Gutierrez Gallego, J. Segura, J. Bosch, G. Such (IMIM, Barcelona, Spain), M. Wu, S. Wang, H. Du, G. Cheng (China Doping Control Center, Beijing, China)

Year accepted: 2008

Summary: In this study we have evaluated and characterised 14 new anti-20 kDa antibody clones. We have identified 2 (antibody #4 and antibody #7) with excellent surface properties that are highly specific for 20 kDa GH. However, all antibodies that displayed binding to 20 kDa after immobilisation appear to have the same epitope as sandwich type studies reveal no complementary binding. When we compared the two best performers with one other established ultra specific and good surface antibody from a different source we could establish that this antibody, and the two identified here (#4 and #7) do bind different epitopes. As such, the 22 vs 20 kDa approach to address GH doping may be set up in compliance with the requirements for screening and confirmation procedures.

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