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Detection of rEPO abuse in athletes

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Project Title: Detection of rEPO abuse in athletes

Researchers: M. Magnani, P. Pigozzi

Institution: Institute of Biochemistry "G.Fornaini" University of Urbino, Italy

Year accepted: 2002

Summary: The present proposal aims at:

  • Validating the method developed in a great number of athletes; these goals will be reached by means of further population studies. In particular the selected biological markers will be evaluated in non-professional athletes with regard to the sport practiced, gender, race, intake of iron, vitamins and other supplements;
  • Possibly reducing the number of determinations to be performed on blood samples in order to simplify the procedure, reduce the cost and time required, and provide definitive conclusions without decreasing statistical significance;
  • Generating an internal standard for Tfr mRNA in order to assure accurate quantitation by competitive RT-PCR and inter-laboratory calibration, as just performed for f3-ghobin;
  • Automating as much as possible the molecular procedures employed in order to reduce the time required;
  • Identifying blood denaturing solutions that allow stability and delivery of RNAs at room temperature; f developing computer softwares allowing a rapid evaluation of the results obtained and thus a rapid detection of rEPO abuse.

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