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Detection of Indirect Androgen Doping with a GnRH Analog (Leuprolide)

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Project Title: Detection of Indirect Androgen Doping with a GnRH Analog (Leuprolide)

Researchers: D. Handelsman, A. Idan, L. Turner (ANZAC Research Institute, Concord Hospital, Sydney, Australia), R. Kazlauskas, G. Trout, C. Goebel (National Measurement Institute, Pymble, Australia)

Year accepted: 2009

Summary: This study will examine in detail the hormonal effects of a superactive GnRH analog (leuprolide) on serum and urine LH and T when used for short periods, and when repeated with a drug-free interval and well as with an androgen-suppressed gonadal axis. Our preliminary evidence proves major hormonal effects are produced so a detection test for this GnRH analog is required. We will develop suitable LC/MS/MS methodology, apply it to the clinical study and to a set of urine samples from athletes with high-normal urine testosterone but normal T/E ratio where the suspicion of GnRH analog use might be highest.

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