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Defining interaction between anabolic and peptide hormones requirements for a robust test for growth hormone doping

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Project Title: Defining Interaction Between Anabolic and Peptide hormones Requirements for a Robust Test for Growth Hormone Doping

Researchers: K.Y. Ho, A. Nelson (Institute of Medical Research, Sydney, Australia), R. Kaslauskas, C. Howe, G. Trout, D. Handelsman (Australian Sports Drug Testing Laboratory, National Measurement Institute, ANZAC Research Institute, Sydney, Australia), M. Irie, T. Kawahara, M. Ueki (Tokyo University, Tokyo Antidoping Laboratory, Tokyo, Japan)

Year accepted: 2002

Summary: This summarizes the results obtained in our project to develop a robust test for doping in sport with growth hormone (GH), based on the detection of (i) GH-responsive proteins and (ii) pituitary GH isoforms in blood.

This involved the conduct of two major studies:

(a) a cross-sectional study of over 1000 elite athletes to determine the potential influence of demographic factors (Demographic Study)

(b) a prospective intervention study in recreational athletes to identify the most sensitive GH-responsive markers and the potential influence of co-administration of androgens (Intervention Study)

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