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Chip technology for the detection of growth hormone abuse extension

Project description

Project Title: Chip technology for the detection of growth hormone abuse-extension study

Researchers: R. Gutierrez Gallego, J. Segura, J. Bosch Colom, G. Such Sanmartin (Fundacio IMIM, Barcelona, Spain), M. Ueki (Research and Development Department, Mitsubishi Chemical Medience Corp., Tokyo, Japan), M. Irie (Toho University, Tokyo, Japan)

Year accepted: 2007

Summary: Monitoring the isoform distribution of GH in body fluids is a valid approach for the detection of GH abuse in athletes. Within the first three years of the project the most important results has been the development of a test, capable of monitoring the ratio between 20 and 22 kDa GH in both urine and plasma. This method is the only one at the moment that addresses the two most important GH isoforms through an immunological approach. Completion of this development (beta-testing phase) is the main objective of the current application.

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