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Bioassay-based screening and detection of novel designer androgens

Project description

Project Title: Bioassay-based screening and detection of novel designer androgens

Researchers: D. Handelsman (ANZAC Research Institute, Concord Hospital, University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia), R. Kazlauskas (Australian Sports Drug Testing Laboratory, Pymble, Australia), A. Death (Heart Research Institute, University of Sydney, Australia)

Year accepted: 2004

Summary: This project involves 3 stages, the first involves an in vitro yeast-based androgen bioassay that we used to provide the first proof that THG was a potent androgen. This in viro androgen bioassay is a sensitive and efficient screening method that can be applied to all available progestins and their analogs or metabolites as compared with a reference panel of synthetic androgens. The second stage involves confirming the androgenic bioactivity identified as positive in the in vitro screening bioassay by an in vivo mouse-based androgen bioassay. The third stage involves developing urinary Mass Spectrometric detection methods for progestins with significant in vitro and in vivo androgenic bioactivity.

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