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AR.I.E.T.T.A. Artificial Intelligence Evoking Target Testing in Antidoping

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Project Title: AR.I.E.T.T.A. ARtificial Intelligence Evoking Target Testing in Antidoping

Researchers: F. Manfredini, J. Carrabre, H. Litmanen, L. Zhukovskaya, A-M. Malagoni, D. Dal Follo, G. Zwatz, P. Bayer, M. Geistlinger, A. Besseberg

Institution: International Biathlon Union, Austria

Year accepted: 2005

Summary: This project aims to develop an intelligent system which is able to identify those athletes whose haematological and multiple variables reflect a pattern consistent with the use of banned substances or methods. These athletes could then be chosen at the optimal time for target testing. The focus of this project is the creation of a software program that will consider haematological values abnormal not only on the basis of high values, but also on the basis of raw data considered concurrently (haematological data in relation to the reference population, intraindividual haematological variations including abnormal low data, performance variations, ranking, nation). This system will produce classes of results associated to a diagnostic probability, useful for targeted selection for both in and out of competition controls.

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